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Roadmap Thailand - Day 7

Aug. 25 - 7:00 - Sukhothai - 30 ° C - 57% humidity

of Filth ki-chirp "Morning! Today is National P arc. We take our little bf in the small restaurant's outdoor Lotus Village: fresh fruit juice, pancakes and homemade jam + another fruit juice pass'que Toune in revoulait.

Once the belly full, we take our bags and going to hire bikes. Once there we discover 4 poor mopeds in front of a restaurant. After negotiation, we find ourselves on a moped 100cm3, 4-speed 140 km / h on the clock ... I swallow my pride biker (baïkeur ") because the machine still has two wheels.

And it left for 60km (a / r) towards the Ramkhamhaeng National Park. It was 10:30 when we arrive. While you were sleeping quietly, we toured the Thai pampas through rice fields and other remote villages to the "border lands" ...

Une arche en bois nous indique le point de départ de la rando.

Après un petit pont, une fourche se présente à nous… Nous, bah on veut aller à gauche.

Au bout d’un quart d’heure de marche, avec Toune et sa branche-machette spéciale toiles d’araignées, on se rend compte qu’il n’y a aucun balisage pour le retour… Aïe… Nous décidons to turn back. It turns and realize it will take that much memory! We are facing a forest of bamboo, ficus and other vegetation lush somewhat ... The bouuules! ...

We finally find the little bridge, but with a knot in my stomach. Back to the fork, we decided to go right. We find the ground a clear path. Cool! The other side, it should be the stage door! So, it triggers the second. After an hour's climb, Toune do little more! ... It makes a terrible heat and humidity does not help! Especially as jerry cans of water very tempting, but forbidden to westerners, are placed throughout the course. The torture!

We find a rock platform which provides us with a correct view ...

We continue for some time under the watch-dog tounesque, Pupuce, inflated to block agrees Pupuce down ... Thanks!

Here down is something else ... Too easy for Toune, who likes to jump around, but super ... g breaks for Pupuce. We return to the starting point. A little break for a drink and let dry our clothes soaked humidity outside and inside sweat ... coool!

On the road again !....

We stop en route in the village KIRI of MAT ("Kiri-kiri-Kiriya!") to take two small bottles of water miraculous. It is 14:30. We had planned to stay all day in the park ... What to do ... Suddenly, Batman emerges! No ... Pupuce! ... It launched an idea whew! Anticipating tomorrow's agenda and enjoy the mob to see the more remote sites. And so, we'll walk to the other sites, it will be easier. While there, Pupuce in gegene Blowin idea! GOOO! 40km A / R ... (We'll let you do the math and think about the state of our cute little later) Once there, we discovered a beautiful landscape. It looks like a Thai Briere with temples hidden in the vegetation.

We travel all around the old city of Sukhothai that we will visit tomorrow and return to the rental motorcycle. Before this, we need to refuel. Except that I dont know how to do it! The attendant grabs me the keys, opened the saddle, turned the cap, I'm full (to the mob, not me!) And makes me keys. There's more to pay ... 100baths (2 €)! The price of a barrel of oil? Pfff ... Who cares! We give the bike and return to the hotel.

Pupuce takes a shower then came my turn ... J'enclenche breaker hot water ... Yes, pas'que water is too cold for me or else! And worse j'fais what I want anyway! I open the tap and wait until it heats ... waiting ... waiting ... and say aloud: "It is therefore said to have long hot water! . And then I hear laughter died Pupuce ask me: "You want me to reset the breaker? Hi hi hi .... " I still take my shower with the terrible fear that intersects Pupuce hot water ... Will revenge! ...

We return to the loc motorcycle makes restaurant. It is run by a Belgian! In cocktails, we used peanuts! Map and the atmosphere (background music of Vanini, U.S. version), are also very western. We order the two rare Thai dishes on the card and decide to go in the future only lil 'greasy spoon' (the kitchen there is a hundred times better for much cheaper!).

few drops fall on the way back ... We déchaussons before entering the bungalow and put our shoes at the shelter from the rain, under the small staircase. And yes, LOTUS VILLAGE, we respect Thai traditions! Must remove their shoes before entering a house! A torrential rain began to fall ... Phew! It was hot! The rain lasted all night, but did not subside kicouines!


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